Friday, June 27, 2008

The Challenge of Change

Human nature almost inherently despises change. We constantly seek to find a level where we can just coast. Whether it is in our education, career, even our health, we believe that as long as we do all the hard work now we will be free and clear later.

We all can admit that when our normal daily routine is disrupted we tend to feel like the day just didn't flow right. When our life goals and plans don't pan out, we feel devastated.

Funny thing is, change is one of the few things you can absolutely count on. Change in seasons, in relationships, jobs, locations, and probably the hardest to take, change in the body. There is hope! Suffering only comes when we resist it, fight it, hold on to our past or future ideals. The tighter we hold on the more it hurts when we are ripped from our cozy quarters. Nothing is permanent, it is all changing.

Just notice the next time something is not going exactly as you expected it to. Pay attention to what you may be resisting, then, as the Zen Buddhist saying goes, "Float like a leaf on the river of life".


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Saffron said...

Stop your bulls**t when you come to class don't keep up with the others if your injuired. I don't want to hear how you got hurt in Yoga class.